Peacekeeper Diversionary Strobe Baton End Cap
Peacekeeper Combo Baton End Cap Product Case

D.S.E.C Diversionary Strobe End Cap

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The Peacekeeper Diversionary Strobe End Cap (DSEC) adds one more critical element in the use of Less Lethal Tactics.

Unlike other lights on the back of expandable batons that put out less than 100 lumens, the DSEC incorporates a powerful 780 lumen Strobe that is designed as an effective Diversionary Device. The DSEC can be strategically used to gain compliance, or create a window of opportunity to utilize the Peacekeeper Baton if necessary. It can also be tactically deployed with other Less Lethal or Control Options.

The design of such a small but powerful light on the back of an expandable baton allows an officer to possess two Less Lethal or Control Options in one single handed design. This combination provides a broader spectrum of Less Lethal capabilities.

This product is available as a stand-alone End Cap to add to any existing 21" or 24" Peacekeeper Baton, or it can be purchased in our Less Lethal Kit.

 U.S. Patent Number 100,184,650