Don't take our word for it. Read why so many agencies have switched to the RCB.

As you know, it is difficult to get a name attached to a testimonial. We respect the confidentiality of those that do not want their names/agency attached to the testimonials yet they want to share their opinion. Others are able to have their name beside an industry changing product. We welcome your testimonial once you have evaluated or approved the RCB for your department.

Body Cam Testimonial
What's your Plan B?

Peacekeeper Reduces The Chance Of Deadly Force

I work for a large Northern California Sheriff's Office and have recently purchased a Peace Keeper baton. I bought the Peace Keeper because my Taser worked 1 out of the 6 times when deployed and the wires were eventually ripped out by the suspect during that incident.
The Taser was no longer a reasonable force option and my previous baton closely resembled a thick antenna.
I recently used my Peace Keeper during an incident on a subject who attacked me then decided to run. I caught up to the suspect who wanted to continue his attack. It was a non-lethal incident at that point and I placed no confidence in my Taser to work properly or OC spray to prove effective since this guy was so juiced up on ???...... A few baton strikes later, the suspect submitted and was in a great deal of pain. The Peace Keeper proved effective and stopped the threat. If the Peacekeeper didn’t stop him, this would have likely turned into a lethal incident.
I highly recommend you and or your department research and obtain the Peace Keeper.
The Peace Keeper is 3 for 3 in effective deployments and has my complete faith it will allow me to stop a non-lethal threat."
- Marco T.

"Dear Peacekeeper,
About two weeks ago my partner and I contacted a subject who appeared to be trying to break into a business after hours. This contact immediately turned extremely violent. My partner and I fought with this subject for close to 10 minutes trying pretty much every use of force option available. This subject was Tased 3 times, OC’d, and struck with an ASP multiple times, with almost no effect. I started to become exhausted and was concerned this could soon turn to a deadly force issue. Fortunately backup arrived. Another officer that carries a Peacekeeper RCB rolled up. He immediately deployed his Peacekeeper and delivered a two handed baton strike to this subjects right thigh. The subject fell to the ground and the fight was over. We were able to use this tool to end this fight without having to take this subjects life and without any of us sustaining significant injuries. Thanks for producing a quality product that will always have a place on my belt."
- Deputy Sheriff Jorden

"Peacekeeper Staff,

I am currently a Cpl. for a moderate sized Southern California police department. During my 19 year career I have deployed every type of baton including the PR-24, wooden straight stick, metal Bianchi straight baton and the extremely inferior ASP several times throughout the years.  I had a chance to deploy the RCB a few days ago on a violent mentally ill subject setting up camp to the rear of a drug store by a dumpster enclosure.  The subject became combative at which time I deployed my Taser.  The taser had no effect so I followed up with a drive stun as he advanced closer. The subject pulled away at which time I abandoned the Taser and deployed my RCB.  The subject was knocked to the ground and complied after striking his left leg 2 times with a 2 handed power strike.  The RCB is an outstanding tool!  I am not sure of the outcome of this incident if I didn’t have your baton to defend myself as my only other option would have been deadly force!"

- Cpl. J. B.

" Last week I approached a perp who appeared to be trying to break into a vehicle.   The perp engaged me and the fight was on.  He got enraged and extremely violent.   I fought with the perp for over 10 minutes trying every use of force option available.  The perp was Tased twice, OC’d, and struck with an ASP multiple times.  Nothing fazed him.   I was getting exhausted and was concerned that only deadly force could stop the perp.    Fortunately another officer that carries a RCB rolled up.  He immediately deployed his Peacekeeper and delivered one strike to the subjects thigh.   The subject fell to the ground and the fight was over!   He cried like a baby.  

I was amazed.  (Until then, I had only heard the stories of the Peacekeeper but never saw it first hand. )

My partner told me, he use to pull his baton out as a last resort.  The Peacekeeper is so effective stopping most situations  he brings it out FIRST.   Now I know why!   He’s always  said - “WHY NOT DE-ESCALATE FROM THE BEGINNING”.

The Peacekeeper ended this fight without having to take this subjects life and without any of us sustaining significant injuries.   After this incident, I was a believer and immediately bought my own Peacekeeper online the next day. 

Thanks for making a quality product that keeps cops safe!"

- Officer Green

"Peacekeeper International,

I have carried my RCB for 7 months.  ast week I had to opportunity to use it and see its full effect.  The drunk perp would not comply with OC or Taser.  Now completely enraged, he proceeded to charge me. ONE power strike to his thigh dropped him like a rock.  He whined like a baby. Later in transport he complained that his leg still “quivered”.  I like to call THAT “muscle memory” ! -  His thigh wouldn’t forget how bad it hurt!

Your product performs exactly like it says on your website. Everything on your website is true and just makes sense. Like other LEO’S on your website, I never had confidence in the ASP or Auto Lock.  I patrol a rural area and back up is 15-20 minutes away.  This would have very likely been a lethal force incident if it wasn’t for the RCB!

Thanks for making an awesome product!"

- David P, SBSO

"UOF incident involving Pepper Spray, Taser, ASP, and Peacekeeper RCB -

……. Yes, at first I tried to disable him with O.C, but he wiped that off like it was water.  I deployed my Taser but this guy had no response and became further agitated.  I then deployed my ASP and struck him in the lower back calf on the right side once, no response.  I then moved around to the back of him as best as I could, he knew fighting techniques because he always turned to keep myself and my cover in front of him.  I then again struck him on the legs both right and left with no response.  I knew that if I attempted to try to strike him on the arms he had a real good chance of grabbing the asp, so that was not an option.  It was difficult due to the fact  my cover and myself were all feeling the effects of the O.C.  Officer XXXX then said " Watch out, RCB".  I then backed off and officer XXXX then struck (AP) once with a blow to his outer right thigh.  The (AP) stood motionless for approx. 10-15 sec. then let out a yelp and fell to his knees.  It was at that time and only at that time,  that I was able to go hand to hand with him, he was affected for approx. 1-2 min from the RCB, causing his leg to be useless in the fight, which gave us an upper hand.  The ASP did not do a thing to this guy.  I hit with everything I had, and nothing.  If officer XXXXX was not my cover, I had expended all forms of secondary weapons, My only option left would have been deadly force.  Cover took a good while to arrive. (AP) was in the state of mind that if it was just me and him, he was going to use deadly force.  The RCB was a game changer, and avoided an officer involved shooting.  ……………..

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know, or if you want me to come and talk in person let me know, officer XXXX and myself are more than willing.  I thank you guys again for an awesome product and proper training, it was second nature that night."


"E-7 Marine here, 2 weeks ago was in iraq.2 insurgents got to me and spotter via a tunnel we did'nt know about. We had been on a third floor building, set up.  Battery on my heart beat detector was dead and comms out. These !@#$% have remote control drones with jammers now…and worse.  Wont bore ya with details.  Anyhoo, your baton I got as a gift LITERALLY saved my life. Just minor injuries. Heard more comming and we E&E.  Lost my baton in the scuffle.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!  GREAT product!  I assume mostly cops use batons, so does the military.

FWD this to the Baton team or engineers/whatever.  Please give the team you work with a big THANKS !

Semper Fi"

- Gunny, US Marines

"We have carried your Peacekeeper Batons for approximately 3 years now.  Two of my guys were involved in a critical incident less than a week ago and the Peacekeeper Baton was deployed when they were patrolling in one of our high crime rate areas.

One of the two officers approached a suspicious male.  The male was initially cooperative but quickly assaulted one of my Officers by pushing off of him……… A .45cal firearm had fallen from the suspects waistband when he was tackled by the initial officer.  The secondary Officer removed his Peacekeeper Baton from his baton holder and delivered a couple strikes toward the suspects shoulder area………. Long story short the suspect briefly continued to fight with the officers and he received a couple more strikes to his thigh with the RCB which quickly ended the suspects will to continue fighting them.

After speaking with the two officers, both were VERY pleased with the “STOPPING POWER” as you say of the RCB and believe it saved a life that day, whether it be one of their own or even the suspects life.  The second officer was so pleased with the results of the RCB that he is really wanting one of his own (I know he’s got a good story to tell about the RCB now for the rest of his career)   Thank you very much!!"

- Sgt. Mike, HPD

"Dear Peacekeeper International,

I use to carry an ASP baton, but I never felt comfortable using it in the field since I did not believe it would be very effective due to its small frame and light weight.  In most cases, I used my taser when fighting a suspect. About two years ago, a fellow deputy told me about Peace Keeper batons.  I researched it and decided I needed baton I could count on in case my taser or other force options were ineffective.  Recently, my partner and I were dispatched to a disturbance call.  When we arrived at the scene there were several males preparing to fight one another.  One male was rather large (6'0", 240 lbs.) and quite boisterous about how he was not going to comply with our commands.  My partner and I backed the male down a hallway to a dead-end.  With his back against the wall, the male put up his fists. The fight was on. I tried to use my taser, but it was ineffective. D uring the fight, I broke my hand. Tired, injured, and with several other unruly males still nearby,  I elected to utilize my Peacekeeper Baton before lethal force became the only option.  The baton strikes are what ultimately led to me winning the fight.  I am very grateful I had my Peacekeeper baton with me that night.  Best law enforcement purchase I have ever made."

- An anonymous Deputy from Southern California.

De-Escalations Without Strikes

" This baton is impressive. (R.C.B.)  As part of our evaluation, just the deployment of the R.C.B. made two suspects submit.   No strikes were necessary. "

- Lt. /San Diego Sheriff's


I was involved in an incident with a 6'4" about 260 lb subject under the influence of an unknown substance. He was wearing a large jacket over a hoody.  I knew in this situation the Taser would not be effective.   I deployed my RCB.  The sound that it made as it expanded, and the appearance of me holding the baton, was a large part of what contributed to his decision to give up before the fight even started. He just could not take his eyes off that baton, then immediately submitted.  I am a 40 y.o deputy and I can hold my own, but it is nice to contain a suspect with just the mere presence of the RCB alone.  Please feel free to use any or all of my testimony."

- RSO Deputy

"I wanted to share my experience with you regarding the effectiveness of the R.C.B.  I responded to a domestic violence call with 4 other officers.  When we arrived on scene the shirtless male suspect ran out of the front door and began yelling obscenities at us as we were approaching the house.  He was extremely intoxicated, hostile, and bleeding from parts of his face and body. While some of the other officers pulled their tazers and OC, I decided that I should pull my R.C.B.  I was standing in front of the suspect and all his attention and anger was being directed at me.  I grasped the 24in nickel baton from its secure-lock rotational holster and deployed the baton while the suspect’s eyes were fixed on me.  The baton expanded with such force and with a sound that closely mimics the racking of a shotgun that the suspects attention went from being fixed on me to being fixed on the silver baton presented in front of him.  The suspect’s eyes grew large as he looked in amazement, his hands flew up in the air, and the handcuffs went on.  The situation was over without any of the officers having to go hands on with a blood covered suspect, cross contaminated by OC, or accidentally tazed by a fellow officer during a scuffle.

My family and I thank you for making a superior product that gives me extra confidence in my well-being so that I may make it home safely at the end of the night."

- A.C, WA State agency

"Dear Peacekeeper,

I would like to share that the RCB baton is an excellent piece of equipment.  I have bent our department issue expandable batons in training and other batons that we have evaluated.  I can't trust any of the other batons in the field. I trust my RCB without a doubt. I don't need to carry two batons because I only need one RCB.

The mere presence of the RCB has been known to DE-Escalate a violent situation - expanding the RCB puts the same fear in the offender similar to the racking of a shot gun.  This is the best scenario anyone can ask for when dealing with a violent suspect or offender.  And in the rare case it doesn't, I have the confidence I need, knowing that the RCB is going to back me up.  I can't say that about any other expandable baton we've used or evaluated.

Thank you for such a great product."

- Jeremy Carnes, Campus Safety Officer

Exceptional Effectiveness


" I work for a medium size sheriff's department in California ..... The RCB is an outstanding tool, which provides amazing results. "

- Dep. V. Messmore


I am a Cpl. for a large agency in Florida.  During my 16 year career I have used many batons including the wooden straight stick, PR-24, metal straight baton, ASP and the worthless Auto-Lock baton over the years.  A few months ago I purchased an RCB. 

Last week, I had deployed the RCB on a large male subject outside a shopping mall.  This guy was one mass of muscle.  When he went from resistive to combative I deployed my Taser which had absolutely no effect.  I followed up with a drive stun to no effect as well.  I abandoned the taser and deployed my RCB as we have been taught in training.  After one strike to his right leg the subject dropped to the ground hard and immediately complied.  He had no problem enduring another Taser hit but didn’t want anything to do with the RCB.  (We later found out he had Priors)  When my back up rolled on the seen and watched the subject drop immediately, they were amazed. 

In my career I have become a skeptic of expandable batons.  I am a believer in the RCB and I tell our guys that everything on your website is true!

After taking flack from fellow officers for the past few months, now everyone is ordering RCB’s as I’m sure you are aware.  This is yet another incident that has caused our agency to re-evaluate our baton and Less Lethal policy.   We may become another agency on your list of “Full Implementation”.

Thanks for your support in keeping officers safe!"

- Cpl. R. L.

" Wow!  I was impressed with the effectiveness of the RCB as an impact weapon."

- Police Officer, IL


I have submitted my proposal for full implementation of the RCB and will be removing our other batons from our policy.

Our command staff has been interested in the RCB for some time so I hope to get a response within the next two weeks. I have your T & E batons and holsters here in a box.  I can return them to you now, or hold on to them pending our purchase order for 250 of each. Just let me know ..... By the way, we had our first RCB use the other day.  We call it the " No Mas ! " incident.

Our suspect stopped resisting and yelled " No Mas ! " after ONE strike to the back of the thigh with the RCB.  It was one of the use of force instructors that used the baton ... needless to say, good timing again because that incident was documented on the command staff's incident log prior to me submitting my proposal ......."

- Corona PD

"Dear Mr. Tanzini,

First, I want to thank you for making such a great product.  I'm a cop in the San Diego area and just had a hell of a fight with a 6-2, 250 pound man drunk and high out of his mind on Meth- so much so that he was able to take three Taser hits and not go down.

The RCB did it's job perfectly and was the most effective tool brought to the fight.

Down here, the RCB is known as the "45 caliber" of batons.  When I went through the academy, the RCB was shown as the "serious baton" for "serious situations".

You can use my email as a testimonial; just take out my name and department for now, since the case is still pending.

Thanks again for great customer service. "

- Police Officer, Southern California

"I am a defensive tactics/Use of Force instructor for my agency and taught DT for two years at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy.  I taught hundreds of hours of expandable baton training and was never satisfied with the quality or effectiveness of the standard expandable baton.  The RCB definitely makes all other batons obsolete.  The RCB is much more effective in delivering kinetic energy and looks and feels solid.  All the officers who tested the RCB felt it was a vast improvement and wanted to have one."

-Greg Thudium, Chandler Police Dept

"On 12APR11, working the night shift, we received a call about a black male running around in front of a small store with almost no clothing on. (usually the signs of the influence of drugs)  When we arrived on the scene, the suspect was about 6'2" and about 280 lbs, a very stock male. We asked him to calm down so we could help him and then he became violent.  Our secondary unit attempted to bring the suspect down with a taser shot but only proved to make the suspect angry.  We next tried to bring him down using our batons, ....my partners ASP proved to be very ineffective.  After just a few strikes to the thighs, his baton was bent so bad, it was more of a hazard than an a tool.  I then drew out my R.C.B. and struck the suspect on the thighs and the suspect immediately fell and we managed to get on top of him and cuff him for transfer.  We later debriefed the arrest and took a good look at both the ASP baton and R.C.B., and determined that the R.C.B. took a licking and delivered an even bigger one and still is in service at my side every night.  Thanks to you all and the R.C.B. for helping us get home to our loved one at the end of the day!!!!!!"

- JJM, Houston Police Department

RCB Vs. Other Batons Or Less Lethal Options


" We are a large Sheriff's Department in California.  After having several multiple strike incidences with our original expandable baton, our administrators saw the R.C.B. at a trade show.  They were quite impressed. After thorough evaluation, our department has switched exclusively over to the RCB and have removed all other expandables from our policy.  Great product. "

- Training Officer, CA Sheriff's Dept.

“I just received my RCB Baton.  It is what I expected and more. I can't believe the difference between it and my Asp or Monadnock.  I always felt undergunned with the Asp and I'm afraid my Auto Lock is going to get stuck or break if I use it.  This thing is unbelievable. Thanx.”

- Security Officer, Fort Myers, FL

"Dear Peacekeeper,

My partner and I just had one of "Those Nights".  Perp is drunk, ticked-off and isn't going to go to jail for anybody! Well, the fight is on.  My partner drive stunned him several times with the Taser, with absolutely NO EFFECT!  Then he loads and deploys the Taser cartridge.  The guy pulls one of the prongs right out of his chest! Well, I break out my brand-new, never used before, Airweight ASP, and commence to "using the force necessary to effect the arrest" on his thighs.  After THAT had absolutely  NO EFFECT on him. I threw the, now warped, ASP as far down the hill as I could (to get it away from him), and we went back to the ol' tackle-spackle.

The next morning, I told my wife I never had confidence in my ASP, was getting rid of the $75.00 hunk of junk, and was on the search for a better baton.  One of the first sites to pull up on the search engine was Peacekeeper.   After researching the website, and reviewing the testimonials, I realized that I am one of many officers that have had poor results with my ASP and Taser.

On behalf of my wife and son, we all thank you for caring enough to research, develop and produce such a great product to keep officers safe.  Thanks again."

- Chuck, Anniston, AL




I have owned a Peacekeeper RCB for approximately 3 years now.  This baton is by far the best baton I have ever owned.  I previously owned an ASP, which bent during a training exercise.  I have used my RCB in the field and have gained compliance from suspects with 1-2 strikes rather than several strikes from an ASP or other expandable batons.

My RCB was run over by a truck.  The baton sustained a torn rubber handle, however it did not bend at all, the joints still lock out, and it still functions like the day I purchased it!  If any of your customers are concerned about the weight between your current expandable baton and the RCB should rest assured that the weight difference is almost unrecognizable.  Any officer that carries a standard wooden straight stick due to the fact that it functions better than other expandable batons should consider the RCB.  The RCB functions like a straight stick but is a lot more convenient, just like your web site says. 

Thanks for re-gripping my baton. Your customer service is top notch.

Thanks Peacekeeper for introducing such a top-notch product."

- Paul L,  So. Cal Police Department

"Dear Peacekeeper,

Thank you for replacing the grip for my baton.

As you know, the baton that I sent in was one of the original batons made 13 years ago.  I like the new grip design. The RCB is truly an effective and durable baton.  It is the oldest piece of equipment on my duty belt and still performs perfectly.

I also noticed over the years that just deploying the baton de-escalates many situations.

You have permission to use this statement in your marketing material."

- Roberto Bourbois, LAPD

Unsurpassed Quality


"The quality of the RCB is superior to any other expandable baton I've evaluated.  It's about time some one came up with and expandable baton that does what a baton used to do! "

- Police Officer, MO

"Dear Peacekeeper,

I am a training manager for a large West Coast police department and a 25 year veteran officer.

We were previously limited to using an expandable baton of much less mass and proportional weight, in MY opinion, much LIGHTER duty construction.  Sometimes (frequently ) the tip came off.  It was thin and ineffective on serious combatants. I am very happy to report that we are now authorized to carry the RCB baton in various lengths.  The RCB is a well constructed and hard hitting expandable.  The weight is where it should be:  in the forward third of the weapon.  It hits HARD, is therefore potentially going to end fights faster with less strikes needed to effect compliance.

Additionally, one can use it for thrust (jab) strikes- you cannot do this with the previously approved expandable baton.

I am happy to have this product as an option.

(Please- for obvious reasons, don't use my full name as we are not allowed to endorse products in an official capacity)

Take care."

- Mike

"We are very impressed with the quality and features of the R.C.B.  We considered going back to the wood straight stick until we evaluated the R.C.B.  Great product!"

- Training Coordinator, Northern Calif. P.D.

"Dear Peacekeeper,

I first saw and tried the Peacekeeper RCB at an edged weapons course.  I have been a Monadnock PR-24 and Expandable baton instructor for five years and I have never seen a more effective baton.  I am also a reserve police officer in a small town and would like to see our officers using the Peacekeeper batons.  Great product! "

- CO, OK Dept. of Corrections

"Mr. Tanzini,

I am an instructor in several areas of defensive tactics and I hold an instructor certificate specifically in the ASP brand batons.  My chief questioned me about not "endorsing" the ASP product.  I told him that I will use products that work, and work effectively, rather than just use an inferior product for the name.

I was able to discuss with him that we have a small department, and there are times when there is only one Officer on at any given night.  Our population triples during the summer months, and we still don't have any more Officers.  We have several smaller, female Officers, so why not use the most effective tools on the market.  Having confidence is the best tool any Officer can have!  I was able to demonstrate confidence to my Officers using the RCB.

Since we now use the RCB, I have no doubt that my Officer's can use their baton effectively, and now they can do so with confidence that it will work.

The "presentation" I put together for the chief was:  Demonstration of the batons, Effectiveness of the batons, Durability of the batons, Cost of the batons, Training, Liability on use of force, Liability of excessive force, Officer comments, Officer wants.  Once again after my presentation he immediately approved the RCB.

Feel free to use any comments, and if I can be of any further assistance, let me know."

- Sgt. Bill Vidmar

"I am glad to get an impact weapon back on my belt. I took my ASP off my belt because it was ineffective when I needed to resort to an impact weapon."

- Police Officer, TX

"Dear Peacekeeper Products:

I have been carrying the RCB baton for about a year now.  I have not personally been able to use my baton in an altercation yet, but I have several fellow officers that have.  The RCB has performed extremely well!

I am a Defensive tactics instructor for my department and I am a big advocate of the RCB.  The uses of force that have involved the use of the RCB have all ended with our officers taking the subject into custody, without injury to the officer.

The RCB is an excellent tool. It is very comfortable to hold and to swing.  With some other collapsible batons, it is hard to grip the small handle.  Not the RCB.

I would like to thank Peacekeeper Products for making an excellent product.  Your customer service is above and beyond any other company.

Thank You!"

- Anonymous

"We "thought" that there was no need for an impact weapon in our department since our current expandable baton was rarely used.  While performing an evaluation on less lethal options, we discovered that our officers used their baton as a last resort because they did not have any confidence in our current impact weapon as an effective option.  We have just finished our evaluation on the RCB.  It brings the impact weapon back into the continuum as an effective option. We will be placing a significant order shortly. "

- Training Deputy, CA Sheriff's Dept.

"Our department wants to and will be switching to the R.C.B., however, since we spent tens of thousands of dollars on one ineffective expandable baton several years later, it is hard for us to justify another immediate purchase even if your product is the most effective expandable baton available.  It's refreshing to know that someone is addressing this issue. "

- New Jersey Police Dept.

"The RCB is an excellent choice over my current worthless baton. I can't wait for department approval. "

- Officer Dustin Ciscel

"Following an evaluation on the RCB, the baton seemed to be very well made. The holster thickness seems to take up some room on my belt, but the trade off for effectiveness is well worth it.  I was impressed with the effectiveness of the strike.  I took my other expandable baton off of my belt because it lacked effectiveness, but I am willing to strap the RCB on my belt and continue to carry a baton."

- Police Officer R. Stauber


I recently purchased the 26" RCB without having an opportunity to hold or use one in person.  I relied solely on the information provided on your website.  I rarely, if ever, make a purchase this way, but I decided to take a chance. Immediately when opening the package I realized I made the right choice. Its sturdy and reliant construction made it very apparent that it was a serious tool for self protection.  The crisp audio of the batons expansion provided a deterring factor that I didn't even realize was lacking from my previous batons until I had the privilege of hearing an RCB.  It has now secured a spot permanently on my duty belt.  My co-workers are very impressed with this particular piece of equipment of mine, and now that they have been exposed to your company and the quality and craftsmanship associated with it.  I'm sure you will be receiving orders from them in the weeks/months to follow.  Although I could list many reasons why this baton is superior to others, I'm not a man of many words.  So to be brief, it is my opinion that this is a necessary tool for law enforcement and security personnel.  It out-does all other collapsible batons out there in all ways; dependability, strength, stopping power, deterring effect, etc.

Thank you all at Peacekeeper International and keep up the great work!"

- John Krchnavy, Former Pennsylvania Police Officer