California Distributor of Compliant Technologies


Peacekeeper Products International joins forces with Compliant Technologies to continue to provide Less Lethal products to the Law Enforcement Community.  As a leader in Effective and Dependable expandable Batons for over 20 years, Peacekeeper now offers other effective Less Lethal tools that aid in De-escalating a potential violent encounter.

In conjunction with the Rapid Containment Baton (RCB), Peacekeeper will be offering the “The GLOVE” exclusively to Law Enforcement agencies in California.  The GLOVE has been designed to assist in “Hand-On” takedowns.  Since it has proven to be Safe and very Effective, it plays a key role in gaining compliance in a resisting Use of Force altercation.

From “Presence of Authority”, to getting a resisting Actor into the back seat of a patrol vehicle, Peacekeeper Products International has you covered.   

Introducing the G.L.O.V.E. (Generated Low Output Voltage Emitter)

  • Ideal for Law Enforcement, Corrections and Security Agencies
  • Non-threatening and de-escalating
  • Humane-low current output
  • At the user's disposal throughout the Force Continuum
  • Not easily taken away
  • Affordable with no additional operating costs



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