Peacekeeper Dyno Flex Mobility Training Suit
Peacekeeper Dyno Flex Mobility Training Suit Breakdown Exterior
Peacekeeper Dyno Flex Mobility Training Suit Breakdown Interior
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Peacekeeper Moisture Wicking Jersey Liner for DT Suit
Peacekeeper Optional Hydration Kit for DT Suit

Peacekeeper DYNO FLEX Mobility Training Suit

Item #: 46200-DF-SM

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When it comes to DT suits, there is always a trade-off between Protection and Mobility. A one-suit-fits-all does-all mind set doesn’t work. That’s why at Peacekeeper, we’ve created distinctive suits to give you the best of both worlds, and much, much more.

We offer our Pro Flex Instructor Suit for Maximum Protection and our Dyno Flex Mobility Suit for Maximum Mobility. The one-piece lightweight design allows either suit to be donned or doffed in less than a minute.

All DT suits in the industry are hot, and no-one wants to hop into someone else’s sweat bucket! With that in mind, each suit comes with two easy zip-out liners, so you can assign individual liners to each individual. Our liners are made of athletic moisture wicking material that’s easy to throw in the wash machine.

Additional liners are available, but let’s keep you cool to begin with! Each suit liner includes pockets to insert snap cool packs.

Still thirsty for more? Our Dyno Flex Mobility Suit is available with an optional hydration kit. Simply add your own 2 liter Camelbak® or similar bladder so users can stay hydrated AS THEY TRAIN.

Suits include Head Protection with Face Guard. Suits are available in Sm/Med & Lg/XL. Because one-size-fits all……doesn’t!


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