943-SLP-XL - Xtra-Large Plain Finish Secure-Lock Rotational Holster (Idea for 29" Peacekeeper Batons)

XL Plain Secure-Lock Rotational Holster Ideal for 29" Batons

Item #: 943SLPXL

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Secure-Lock Rotational Holsters

The Secure-Lock Rotational holster has been designed to rotate by pressing a button at the top of the holster.  Once pressed, the holster can be rotated 30, 60, or 90 degrees in either direction, then locks in place so your holster won’t spin like a cell phone.   Unlike other holsters that inadvertently move from one position to another after a few months of use, the Secure-Lock Rotational Holster is designed to keep your baton in the same position that you left it regardless of physical activity.

The Secure-Lock Rotational holster holds the baton securely and allows for efficient release.  Like all Peacekeeper holsters, the Secure-Lock allows for the insertion of the RCB expandable baton back in the holster in the expanded mode.  This feature allows the officer the ability to retain their baton safely in the expanded mode until the suspect is contained and it is safe and convenient to collapse.


    • Convenient “On demand” positioning
    • Secure locking mechanism
    • Rotates 30, 60 or 90 degrees
    • Provides ability to Cross Draw baton at your desired angle
    • Slender, Lightweight and Durable design
    • Snug fit for a secure baton
    • Baton won’t inadvertently expand in holster
    • Ability to insert expanded baton in holster when necessary

     U.S. Patent Number 800,100,304

    All Products and Components 100% Made in the USA