Peacekeeper Black Molle Vest Holster
Peacekeeper Molle Vest Holster Variety Colors on Vest

Black Molle Vest Holster

Item #: 945-MVH-B

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Peacekeeper Multi-Positional Molle Vest Holster

Our unique multi-positional Molle Vest holster provides the officer greater flexibility in customization of a tactical vest.  The Peacekeeper Molle vest holster can be mounted at several angles such as 0, 5, and 20 degrees.  This range in placement offers a variety of tactical draw options, as well as the ability to transfer some of your equipment weight from your duty belt to load bearing/tactical vest when necessary. The bottom of the molle vest holster snaps shut, which allows for the RCB to be holstered in expanded mode.

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